Theresa Harvard Johnson

INTRODUCTION (Relealsed 12/2008)

I know this word was for me today. It flooded my spirit as I sat and prayed concerning God's direction for the SA Group and my life in this season we are in. I firmly believe that the Lord laid it on my heart to share it with you. I know that if this is for you, you will be blessed. --Prophetess Theresa Johnson

Reject the dogs and the swine! Reject those who seek to steal food and provision from the garden in which I've planted, labored and loved in you! Many want what is in your hand, but they are unwilling to surrender what is in theirs. What I have given to you this day is not everyone, says the Lord, but for those assigned to dine at your table in truth, peace and agreement with me.

Did I not invite them to the wedding feast? Did they come? Yes, says the Lord, they rejected me even then. Now that they see the beautiful gifts that I am about to bestow, they want to join the wedding party. For some, beloved, it is already too late.

I will show you who walks with me, and who has rejected me. I will reveal the wolf to you, expose the goat and guide you to my sheep. No longer will they pillage the temple and take the spoil, says the Lord. For I have set watchmen among you. These watchmen are not spectators! These watchmen do not watch in vain! Yes, beloved -- they watch for intercession and they pray! They watch for my word to be revealed!

Even now, I am sending an army through the valley before you. Even now, I am sending angels to guide the way.

Even now, they are encamping a veil of protection around you. Even now, doors are opening with keys that grant access to my mysteries and secrets. Know this! Not everyone has been given the keys to these doors. I am coming, says the Lord. I am your refuge and your light. I am your armor and your sword. I am the Lord your God. I AM....

In this season you must the swine! Reject the dogs! Cast not your pearls among the swine ... in this season. I am shutting up the doors to those who have rejected my wedding feast. Many weapons are being revealed to you, says the Lord. Protect the power of God that is upon your life! Use these weapons....

In Jesus Name, Amen.

The scripture that rose to my spirit was Matthew 7:6 , Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

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