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 About This Prophetic Word (October 2008 Theresa Harvard Johnson)

Many people are thinking about "birthing" from the perspective of walking into a place of prosperity or fullness in their personal ministries. While this is true to a point, I sense from the Lord that we are walking into the fullness of the MATURITY of our ministries and our lives in Him in which we are giving birth to our TRUE MISSION AND TRUE PURPOSE IN THE HEAVEN & EARTH REALM. I hope this makes sense to you as I try to explain it.

This birthing process is more than just seeing a "baby come forth." It is more of a "seeing that baby graduate from college" and walk directly into the position they have trained all of their lives to obtain. Think of Jesus. He "gave birth" to his ministry when he was 30 years old. This was following many years of preparation and study. This meant that He walked out of training so-to-speak; into his consecration and appointment by the Lord through His wilderness experience and baptism; and then into His purpose on earth. Everything he did following the baptism was in fulfillment of the calling on His life.

Because so many believers are still sucking milk bottles and eating baby food, they are seeing this "birthing process" with limited vision. I have been hearing people say things like, "This is the year people will know who I am, and I'm finally gonna walk into what God has for me!"

Well, this is only partly true. This year, "People will know who you are in JESUS because you will no longer operate as an unstable believer, but you will walk into the mature mantle (or a greater measure of it) that is upon your life. As a result, they will know the JESUS in you." God is not birthing a ministry "just for you." He is birthing his plans and purposes for mankind through you -- based on your job description in His army. The only question that remains now is this: "Are you ready?"

This birthing is a spiritual elevation that will, for some, manifest in the natural in many ways. But in the end, it means that your warfare will intensify and the weight of your ministry will press you into fasting, prayer and intercession like never before. Let's move out of the flesh ... and into the spirit....

The Prophecy: The scripture references that the Lord has released with this prophetic word is rooted primarily in Matthew 24 (Preparation, knowledge and revelation concerning what is to come), 1 Kings 19 (A hidden remnant without fear), Ezekiel 8 (The Seat of Jealousy/Jezebel), Ezekiel 9 (Purifying of the Body), 2 Timothy 4:1-6 (Be unrestrained and bold in the things of God).

The Purifying of the Body

Sons and daughters of destiny many of you have been in preparation, says the Lord. This year has been one of great trials as I have sought to test you, to prune you and to prepare you for what is to come. New wine has been poured into you as old things have passed away. New oil has been poured upon you to commission you and send you forth in this season.

Yes, I came to fine tune and perfect your focus to prepare you for the “fitting” of a new mantle, a refined armor, weapons upgrade and an acceleration concerning all things assigned to you concerning heaven and earth. Yes, even as heaven moves, so have I moved you in the earth. When I shift, all of my creation shifts. Do you not know it?

Yes, I have ushered in a new beginning. It was not the new beginning that man orchestrated in his mind. It was a beginning rooted in purging, pruning, and establishing a mature seed. This new beginning was a time for the washing away of the old and the putting on of the renewed mind and refreshed spirit in preparation for the greater battles ahead. Behold, it was the closing out of the old so that what is to come can spring forth with clarity, revelation and understanding, says the Lord. So will it be for this “year of birthing.” What man has formulated is not what I have formulated. Watch. Pray. Listen, as I reveal myself to you even greater in this season.

Watch. Pray. Listen. What is coming forth is of a kind this generation has never seen. Are your ready?

Expect intensity.  My remnant must be sturdy – well made, strongly built, resolute, powerful, uncompromising and strong. As the battle intensifies, know that this remnant that I have set aside will stand victorious, says the Lord. Integrity and truth will be your shield as boldness rises within you in this new season. What was once tolerable to you will become intolerable. Yes, I have said – sin cannot dwell in my presence. Yes, if I am in you then sin cannot dwell in your presence.

I am calling my people to stand “sturdy” on solid ground taking their rightful position –place -- in my Kingdom. Without a doubt you will know that I have called you! Without a doubt you – my remnant – will love what I love and hate what I hate! You will know who has called you! You will know your assignment! You will be overtaken with righteous indignation! What grieves my Holy Spirit will grieve this remnant, says the Lord God.

Many, even now, I am guiding with strategies in the midst of dreams, visions, intercession and prayer. I am revealing secrets that will bring my plans and purposes directly from Heaven to earth! Yes, says the Lord, my will is being done through you at a greater level in this season. My trumpet is blowing through you in this season. My trumpet causes men to turn and repent! I am calling my trumpet to blow through you says the Lord! What was hidden in this period of preparation is now coming forth quickly as meat from the vessels I – your God – have made. I am destroying the lounge chairs and recliners sitting in my sanctuary. I am removing the overlooking eye! I am snatching the pillows from beneath the knees of my intercessors. I am calling you – remnant – to engage the enemy. My people must hate what I hate, and love what I love…

A greater level of light… released…

A greater level of light… released…

What has been hidden will be exposed….

What has been hidden will be exposed…

Truth heightened.

Integrity restored.

My church rising ….

My church rising….

My bride returning

Even now, I am surely releasing a fresh understanding concerning my purposes for my body upon my Apostles and Prophets. I am revealing to them who I AM in this season as the restore the message of repentance back into the realm of the earth. My people, says the Lord, will know yet again what it means to fear me! I am returning to my church, my bride….

Yes, I am returning to my church and my bride in this season --- with intensity. I am tearing down old doctrines that glorify and elevate flesh, says the Lord. I am ripping away old doctrines and false teachings that cause men to pursue and chase flesh, and indulge in self gratification … and emotional salvation. I am intensifying my cry for repentance and change. I am cleansing my house….

The Raising of an Army

I am releasing my hidden, mighty soldiers who stand “uncompromisingly” on solid ground before me, and who are willing to endure what is to come in this season of great change. They do not fear men!

Hear me, says the Lord, many perceive to know what I am doing… yes, I say to my people, watch and pray. Watch and pray. Watch and pray. Watch and pray. Are you ready? What are you birthing?

I am raising a new army from this season of preparation, says the Lord. The cry of these warriors will be heard across heaven and earth, says the Lord, as they speak in truth, as they restrain not my warnings, as they remind my people of my commandments and judgments, and as they speak of bringing down Jezebel who has placed a seat of jealousy in the midst of my sanctuary….

They will expose her false prophecies, her false teachings, her false promises, her false movements, her false successes and victories, her legions of false prophets … as I remove the masks and remind my people not to be deceived….

These warriors know what it means to fear me --- their living God.

Get rooted….

Get rooted….

Be established…

Be established…

For I have built a firm foundation….

An unrestrained army…

An unashamed army

Soldiers who know what it means to fear God…

I am releasing a new armory of weapons. Surely, the foolish things will confound the wise. I am using the least among you, and removing those who have stolen and pillaged my glory. The soldiers wielding these weapons have been in this “place of preparation,” says the Lord, and they will lead nations – forming battalions and companies of men who will stand for righteousness in this season.

My worship and praise will be restored to me…

My sanctuary, even now, is being purified…

I am covertly releasing strategies. I am sending my army forth -- and many will come from the worship arts to take their RIGHTFUL POSITION in this rising, uncompromising army of the Lord … as they prepare the way. What are you birthing?

For Prophetic Scribes (and other worship arts leaders)

Scribes! Get ready! Take your rightful place in this new army! You will lead with your words AND your voice in this season. You will serve as the very mouthpieces of heaven! What I put in your pen – you will also speak, decree, and declare just as the prophets I have sent before you. What I put in your mouth, you will also write as a flying scroll released over the nations (Zechariah 5 ).

The words I give you will be for now, says the Lord, full of fresh wind … as you move and operate under the mantle that is upon your life! This day, says the Lord, you will prophesy from the “office” that is upon your life – free of the constraints of men! Yes, I am calling you to write my words in, through and under the mantle, authority, power and anointing that rests upon your life! I am coming quickly! Get ready! Embrace the mantle upon your life! TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL POSITION IN GOD’S UNCOMPROMISING ARMY! YOU MUST BE ESTABLISHED AND ABLE TO STAND IN THIS SEASON OF TRANSITION! THIS SEASON OF SCRIBAL WARFARE! THIS SEASON OF WAR!

By properly using your weapons, says the Lord, my words will separate the light from darkness, the wheat from the tare, and the false from the true…

Your keen discernment in this season will come through the power of your pen, and accomplished what I said it would do. (Please read Ezekiel 9 ) Yes, my word will not return to me void. Your pens are weapons of warfare, says the Lord. You will engage the enemy in this season unlike ever before. Watch. Pray. Watch. Pray. Watch. Pray.


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