Theresa Harvard Johnson

Spoken June 2008 through Prophetess Theresa Johnson


The Prophetic Word: The Lord said to me today, "You are protected by the MANTLE that is upon your life! Tell my people that if they walk on their side of the road and in obedience to me ... I will do all that I have promised."

But he who looks carefully into the faultless law, the [law] of liberty, and is faithful to it and perseveres in looking into it, being not a heedless listener who forgets but an active doer [who obeys], he shall be blessed in his doing (his life of obedience). James 1 : 25

The Revelation of this Word: A mantle is a spiritual uniform that God places on us like a soldiers gear to walk out the assignment that we have been given. For five fold ministers, that mantle gives us power of jurisdictions, realms, spheres, systems, dimensions and kingdoms depending on our call in ministry. That call is as specific and unique as we are as individuals.

I am reminded of the mantle given to Isaiah, David, the Prophets, Jesus and the Apostles. Let me tell you, these forerunners (especially Christ) stayed on their mission. Jesus mission was to redeem mankind; Peter's mission was to build the church; Jeremiah's mission was to deliver the word of the Lord in the "region" he was sent to ... we can go on and on and on...

When we are fulfilling the "mission" that God gave "us" as individuals, then everything we need is provided to us by God to fulfill that mission ... as we move forward in it ... and as we need it. (Hebrews 13:20-21 ) When you are moving in your "mission or your assignment," nothing can happen to you during that time frame right up until the "mission is complete." You see, you are protected by God. This means that you are "destined" to overcome every obstacle that tries to block you if only you stay on the road... the path ... God has set...

Do you want to complete your mission?

If your answer is yes, then it is important that you follow the directions and instructions God has placed in your heart and not become thieves of the visions, missions, and purposes of others. I pray you hear me! To be protected you must covet what is YOURS -- not the visions and dreams of another man. Don't allow others to steer you down another ministry road before it is time. The abortionist and the side tracker is waiting! Don't give them the ammunition to cut you down.

I've had people try to turn Voices of Christ into a church and into another type of "organization" many times. There have even been times when I've tried to steer it in a direction God didn't want the ministry to go. Finally, I had to stop and listen to the wisdom around me and say, "NO! I've got to get back to what God has set! I must follow God's path for me ... not what others THINK I should be doing!" I had to look some people in the face and say what Jesus said, "It's not my time yet." Easily, I could have moved this way or that way... we had the people, the resources and everything "looked right" ... but it was VERY, VERY WRONG. The mantle to do those "other things" was not upon me...

Instead, I continued to  walk down the road with Theresa's name on it -- not grandma's name or someone's favorite superstar pastor's name on it. When you do what "YOU" are called to do, the way the Lord has called you to do it ... then you are protected in the hands of God. You are PROTECTED! Psalm 91 is your shield ...

Think of Joseph. His mantle was revealed to him early in his life. Everything "ugly" that could have come his way ... did. But every step of the way he continued to love God. He never became bitter ... and God... "PROTECTED" him. He wasn't wearing the mantle of "king" when he was called KING in his dreams ... but as the prophecy concerning him was fulfilled the "mantle of King" began to "rest" upon him instead of just hovering over him as something that seemed impossible. He became that "king" through process and without realizing it, he began walking as a king long before the crown was "physically" fitted to his head...

Can you wait on God?

Many of us are impatient. My spiritual father, Apostle John A. Davis Sr., always says to me, "You young people want it NOW! You are microwave Christians and God doesn't work like that."

I didn't really understand what he was saying then, but I DO NOW! Oh God, do I understand. It was almost too late for me, but WISDOM AND LOVE INTERVENED. I extend what I received from the Lord to you NOW... in Jesus Name. It's not too late to get it right. Right now , three are many people standing under someone else's mantle, a mantle they are lusting after, or a mantle that is to heavy for them right now. They think they are walking in realms and spheres in the spirit realm that they have yet to tap into. Some places and some doors we just can't walk through because IT IS NOT OUR TIME YET! Let the mantle hover over you until you are processed.

I'm learning that it is more important to be IN HIS WILL than to have what man calls "success in ministry." The adversary would love to have you take a different path. He's waiting to sift you from your purpose, your destiny. He's waiting to make you a man or woman of BAD CHARACTER. He's standing by to RUIN YOUR NAME, and many believers ... are GIVING HIM... the right to do so.

PROPHETIC WORD: But my Father ... But my Lord ... is saying, "Stay on the road you are on... no matter what it looks like. Truly, I have called you in this time and in this season. Wait... so that the mantle may rest upon you..."

As your sister in Christ Jesus, as  I prophet of the most high God I beseech you brethren: Don't let the sabotager enter in with their ideas of where you should go or what you should be doing. (Remember the movie, The Devil's Advocate.) Don't take your focus off of the vision and MISSION God has placed in your heart. If GOD said it and if you walk HIS way -- and not your own or someone else's - surely it will come to pass. Recognize that you are protected by the "mantle" that is on your life. Recognize that your mantle obligates God to protect you in the places he's called you to and to do what he has anointed you to do.

If you come from under that mantle, you lose your sword and shield, your dominion and authority in that area... and the adversary has a right to come and accuse you.


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