Theresa Harvard Johnson

Isaiah 10:21 , "21 The aremnant shall breturn, even the remnant of Jacob, unto the mighty God."

Jeremiah 23:3 , "I will gather the remnant of my flock."

Romans 9:27-28 , "Esaias also crieth concerning Israel, Though the bnumber of the children of cIsrael be as the sand of the sea, a dremnant shall be saved: For he will finish the work, and cut it short in arighteousness: because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth."


"Sons and daughters of destiny and purpose, I have placed many, many gifts inside you. This year, I am calling forth my character in your heart. This year I am commanding you to walk as salt and light, says the Lord. This year I am calling you into deep communion with me. Clearly, you will be defined as separate from the world and my word. As you enter into this place of intimacy, seek me like never before with your whole heart. It is here, in that secret place, that I will reveal my divine strategies, plans and instructions for you. I will propel your destiny and purpose in this new season with divine positioning.

Many have been waiting, and I tell you today that it is your season. I have placed an inkhorn and battle axe at your side. As you write to me, pour out to me and uncover the truths that I shall reveal, I will reveal secrets to you. When you seek me, you will find me and I will answer you with detail and great revelation. Hold what I shall show you in your heart. Be slow to speak, says the Lord, and quick to listen. Guard your anointing.

What I will shown you will become clear for some have been without vision and their purpose has been clouded, but now, I am bringing clarity and depositing confidence in you. For those who have vision, I am expanding you. You will go to knew heights and new depths in understanding my word and walking forth in the vision before you. New strategies are coming forth and a new direction I place before you. To the remnant I say, “Boldly you will represent me!” To the remnant I say, “Confidently you will stand for me!” To the remnant I say, “You will reflect my character and be salt and light in this world.” Urgently, I call you forth in this season of the remnant, says the Lord.

Arise and seek me while I may be found, says the Lord. Intimacy with me will bring you into your promises and my answers to you will be “yes, and amen.” Heading instruction will usher you into your wealthy place and complete prosperity – spirit, soul and body – will come to your house. For I, your God, have commanded you this day to align with destiny. Align with destiny, says the Lord. Align with destiny!

To the Prophetic Scribes who write creatively & other worship arts leaders

Just as I called you as a scribe of old like Ezra – a priest and recorder of my word, I am calling you now to speak those things that I shall call you to speak. No longer will you hold back the heart of your inkhorn! No longer will you hold back the voice that I have poured into you! No longer will you hold back the feet that I have given you! Arise, and shine says the Lord for your time has come. Build a memorial in my name upon your heart.

Prophesy, Prophesy, and Prophesy! I am re-establishing MY voice within my body. I desire all to walk in the knowledge of me. Encourage! Rebuke! Warm! Exalt and do so in love as I command you! This is your year to experience fullness, says the Lord.

I am loosing urgency upon you. Gird your loins in truth and fix your eyes on me. I have placed hot coals upon your tongue and tuned your ears to my spirit. As you pour into my word, my first love, so I shall pour into you.

I am pushing you past their comfort zones, says the Lord. That vision that seemed impossible to you came from heaven. I hold the provision. Am I a God that I should lie? Shall I not do it? Have I not shown myself to you in spirit and in truth?

Many have been faithful and true to the vision I have placed on the inside. This day I have raised them as my remnant and before the heavens let it be known, “Your labor has not been in vain!” The time has come now, that the student must now teach. The leader must now lead, says the Lord. The milk has been dried up, and meat I present before you.

With urgency, many will train and equip the saints. Not only will you deliver my word as a scribes and orators, but you will use what I have given you to teach and raise up sons of God. You remnant will hate what I hate and love what I love, says the Lord. I desire to see my face upon you.

Positioning, positioning, positioning! I know the thoughts and plans that I think toward you says the Lord... I am stirring you even now from the wells of your belly. Lazarus, come forth. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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