Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released Nov. 2006 through Prophetess Theresa Johnson

My heart is grieved right now ...too many men and women of God are feeling like giving up or they are carrying a heaviness on their shoulders that is sucking the very joy of the Lord from them! This week alone, I've had multiple requests for prayer from folks I know have withstood some strong storms in the past -- yet now, the spirit of frustration has taken foothold. After I received an email this morning about a friend of mine throwing in the towel concerning her ministry … I said, "NO GOD! Giving up is NOT of you! I `m going to fight … even if she doesn't want to… this infection will NOT spread." Despite what I wanted to do, I had to tell her that the desire to quit ... is not of God. We must learn to bear up one another when weakness comes!

After this happened, my spirit just went into intercession and the prophetic word began coming. So I'm sharing some of it here. If you know of a brother and sister IN Christ who is in a place of distress right now. I URGE you ... to encourage them today. Don't wait.


God is saying GET UP, WAKE UP you are on the THRESHOLD of your destiny! Don't let frustration with people and circumstances ABORT your vision!

[Frustration is defined as the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors associated with not achieving a particular goal or the belief that a goal has been prematurely interrupted. Look at this definition -- there's one key word here --- feelings. Get your cry out, scream, shout ...and then take yourself into praise and worship like you never have before!]

The Lord reminded me that the principality resting over the atmosphere right now is one of complete CHAOS and DISCORD. In this realm, depression, suppression and oppression has been released by mammon. These spirits, along with suicide, murder and mischief are working overtime in the atmosphere -- preying on the poor in spirit or the downcast. We cannot continue to reject the blessings, grace and mercy of God! He has given us his fullness.

Some, he showed me, thought they had everything together just yesterday. But when they woke up this morning they felt as if the world was crashing down around and on top of them. What happened during the time they laid down their head and the time they woke up this morning … Lord?

He said that you let someone infiltrated your "ear gate." You let someone in your "eye gate." You took your armor off and "SUDDENLY" you were overtaken. Others, he said, have been entertaining these strongholds for some time. I have warned them … but they have not heard. Tell them to: COME FROM AMONG THEM SAYS THE LORD! REPENT REMNANT ... you are NOT of this world! So why do you focus on the things of this world! Set your expectations on me ... or you will miss the very breakthrough I've placed at your door.

I heard this scripture in my spirit: The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. I hear the Lord saying today, that the kingdom is inside each one of us and everyday that kingdom is threatened by the inward struggles of the flesh and the outward push from the world that seeks to seep into that flesh and saturate that soul. It is for this reason that he has called us to COME TO HIM. Don't let yourself stop here … by the side of the road. Your breakthrough is at the door ….

But because your heart has been downcast, you have not been able to hear his voice. Cut it off! Rebuke the spirit of frustration! It's a ploy to defer your attention to people and circumstances and take your eyes off God! The Lord is saying, "Don't look at the people or the circumstanced any longer! Look at me! Trust me! I AM your source. Don't let FRUSTRATION ... abort your vision."

"...nevertheless not my will, BUT THINE, be done" (Luke 22:42 )

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