Theresa Harvard Johnson

The Prophetic Word
Spoken Through Connie S, Eric O. & Darla Sikes from The Scribal Anointing Online Mentoring Group


The very day of acceleration is upon us… in our natural state, in our physical surroundings, we are now experiencing the acceleration of time as never before. Months seem to go by in the blink of an eye. If we are experiencing this in the physical, how much more so should this be in the spiritual?

Words are flowing freer as our understanding of our Lord, His thoughts, and His ways has increased. With this increase has come greater faith, greater clarity, and rapid acceleration of the Word of God spoken into the realm of the natural.

"For as those things in darkness have increased, so shall I watch over my word to perform it. For every evil word spoken so shall My Words double, where there was five, I shall send ten. As I continue to accelerate, where there was one hundred, I shall send one thousand. For the day of evil is upon the earth and I shall quicken my Word to perform it", says the Lord."


Let the nations tremble
at the sound of my roar
I am the Lord
I can't be stopped
I kick down your door
only to come and to see you
I'm true
and you not
you think your mind got
what I got
nobody can hinder my plot
my plan
I stand on mountains that you can't see
you can't see the rivers that overflow
like the heavens in Noah's days
I'm going to use you to prophesy my about way's
who says that I can't use you to speak my mind
and shut up the mouth of the false prophet
stop it and stand with me against Ernesto
Blow, Winds, Blow
into your heart I sow
crops of corn
it is time to take back my mountain
and to blow your horn
sound the trumpet
the words of the serpent stump it
into the ground
I sound out the words of the Lord
don't believe these fools
I am the Lion who Roars,
when I open up my mouth
all nations will hit the floor!!!

because of what God said......


My Word runneth
Come to the table and dine
My word runneth and it runs swiftly
That which I have spoken will stand
The days are at hand
Come and dine while there is time
See the vision
It fails not
My oracles are lively
Watchmen are up
The seers see
Prophets are speaking
Watchers are watching
The scribes are writing
My word does not lie
Great is the truth
Greatly shall it prevail

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