Theresa Harvard Johnson

ABOUT THIS PROPHETIC WORD: The Lord released this prophecy to me concerning the ministry of the scribe in December 2005. I woke up with it flowing from my spirit like rivers of living water. That was nearly eight years ago and was the beginning of the Lord speaking to me prophetically about scribal ministry globally. Recently, the Lord began reminding me that many prophetic scribes - especially creative writers - will begin to acknowledge the pull of Holy Spirit to record and release the scribal vision he has given to them. He also began to speak of an awakening to this specific anointing worldwide. Leaders, even those who have been given the world stage, will begin to speak into this anointing.

The apostolic grace on this specific calling is being revealed. When the Lord called Voices of Christ back in 2000, the very thought of scribes having a "ministry" was a frightening though in the circles I moved in as a young believer. Today, we can see the awakening... and it has become evident that we (the scribal nation who is awakening to the depths of this calling) were set apart for such a time as this.


There is a revival of the scribal anointing upon the land. I, beloved, am revealing myself to my people through my creative word. There are many in the body of Christ full of prose, poetry, spoken word, inspirational writings, and parables that will transform the lives of my people – of all ages. They will reach them in ways that have become increasingly closed in the church or even in evangelism outside the church.

They write prophetically, spreading the good news, urge men to repent and testify with passion and power of God through the dramatic interpretation of prophetic words that I have given them, whether over an open mic, in a community park, or elsewhere in the market place. I am releasing boldness upon them now! They will carry their notebooks and copies of their writings with them – and at my command, they will release them to my people, and they shall be set free, healed and delivered.

No more will they sit in pews untapped and hidden. No more will they harbor healing and encouraging life giving words in their hearts and not release them. I have appointed them as secret weapons in these days to come that I will release to deliver my heart to my people.

Like Ezra, these sons of God have prepared and set their hearts to seek the Law of the Lord – to teach it and to walk in its statutes. Like Luke, they will uncover the truth, research and write out the details; record an accurate account of the work of Christ as my journalists, news reporters and authors.

As compromise, lies, deception and entertainment saturate the bookstore shelves, squeeze through the media, bombard electronic communication devices, run through the magazine stands, fill pulpits and pass through as chain emails … I will use them to expose the truth and shine light through the written word in darkness. They will come young and old to the coffee houses, the streets, the pulpits, the libraries, the schools, the government, the church, and other areas of the market place with the true gospel.

They will rise – the least known, the unknown, the remnant, the faceless and nameless – to take their rightful place in the body of Christ – boldly. The scribal anointing is upon them … and he has anointed them, qualified them – by the hand of his pen – to preach the Gospel of good tidings … to set the captives free …and open the prisons of them who are bound. In Jesus Name!

© 2005 Theresa Harvard Johnson

"I urge you to bear the burden of intercession and join me in prayer, to war over this prophesy and the literary ministers whom God has called. There is so a need! Pray that they may recognize the call, write the vision God has given them, and run with it to the ends of the earth."

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