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This clip from the movie, 2012, opens with people plunging to their deaths as they take extraordinary, desperate steps to live. They simply want one day, one more minute... one more breath. While we all know this is a movie for entertainment purposes, in shows us plainly in the Spirit  that many, many people want to LIVE.
As I watched this moive from beginning to end, I found myself thinking: "They can live. They can have a life even greater than this natural on. They can have it in Jesus who has already saved humanity. We simply have to be desperate enough to tell them... and let them know that the gates are open!"
The truth we are facing in this hour is a very simple one: "We do not need another ark to save us." What we need is for congregation of leaders who have God their first priority. There are only two commandments that our Father in Heaven impresses upon generations. One is to love God with everything in us, and the second is to love one another. They do not, however, come without conditions.The first condition is very simple: We must love God unto obedience in every area of our lives. Our image must mirror His image. Secondly, we must seek, long and desire to be immerse our lives in that image to a point where we mirror His love for mankind and we extend that love unto death to self. Truly, we are resurrected in Christ. We stand at the gate with Him in intercession and in hope of seeing our brothers and sisters pass through.
In the movie, 2012 one man stood for life in the midst of a terrifying reality. When everyone around Him sought to save themselves, He was willing to risk everything to see even a few hundred people have a chance at life. He cried out: "OPEN THE GATE! OPEN THE GATE!" However much we may have enjoyed this movie, the plea in this scene wasn't a call for the GATES OF HEAVEN to be opened. This was not a plea on behalf Christ. And while His example is a good one for those who enjoy being entertained, it does not compare to the goodness of God and His plan to rescue mankind from eternal darkness!

Near the end of the clip, actress Thandiwe Melanie "Thandie" Newton cried out: "IF MY FATHER WAS HERE HE WOULD OPEN THE GATES!"
People of God, the gates of heaven are already open. Christ released a direct passageway for us -- one that we do not have to contend for in our own strength. What's even more beautiful here is that those of us who have entered in through the GATE THAT WAS OPENED are now charged with helping others see that the GATE is open.
yAre ou identifiable amid the crowd of people who oppose your efforts? Can your voice be heard amid the crowds who would rather find another way in? Can you identify with God's heart cry for reconciliation and his passion for a people who would live lives immersed in His vision for the restoration of mankind? Are you desperate to be that light among whomever, whenever and wherever they are? Are you equipped to be effective -- bearing the very image of Christ, our God?
Ephesians 4:1 CJB says, "Therefore I, the prisoner united with the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called." It is time, people of God to be bold, effective witnesses for our Lord. It is time to concern ourselves with being SALT & LIGHT in the earth above all else -- that men might come to know the only true and living God."

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