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2 Corinthians 1:20 CJB says, "For however many promises God has made, they all find their “Yes” in connection with him; that is why it is through him that we say the “Amen” when we give glory to God."
I love the Complete Jewish Bible and this contextual translation of 2 Corinthians 1:20 .  Paul is literally telling us that God keeps ALL OF HIS PROMISES as long as we seek to realize that the answers to those promises are WITH GOD.
When you are going through difficult times, this seems like an insurmountable thing to believe. As I continue to share with you on this blog about being accountable and maintaining ministry integrity, I will do so in context with some harrowing experiences from my own life that I overcame. It is possible to face temptation, endure the fallout from mistakes you have made, and resist the enemy of your soul wif you cannot believe God is on the other end of your ugly situation. One of the strategies that I use most is running to the feet of Jesus as often as necessary to break through and jump forth! Sometimes, his feet are the only place where you can find the strength to continue... and HE WILL meet you there.
The key is hidden in this passage of scripture: "We must find our YES in connection with Him."
I want to encourage you today by exhorting you to BELIEVE what God has said!
Many of my sisters and brothers in the Lord have said to me: "I am TRYING to believe, but there is so much doubt. I want to believe... I just can't."

My response to them is no longer a bunch of scripture verses, although we do need the Word. Rather, I have learned to extend a hand - a declaration of love for my brother or sister which says: "I'm here to help encourage you in the faith, to pray with you for your strength in the Lord, to remind you of what God has promised and to help you believe when you can't."
If you have access to a friend like this, lay down pride and reach out to them. I have learned to do this as often as God directs! Leaders are also students. Don't forget this. If you have an opportunity to be this kind of friend to a brother or sister in the faith, make the the time to do it. After all, this is what ministry is all about. Both actions could be the difference between life and death in their situation.

While we know God is with us and that HE is our sure and sturdy rock, He has created fellowship and brotherly love to add to our strength. Being accountable to those who are strong in the Lord and can stand in faith consistently when you are not in this place is POWERFUL!

There were many times where I read and re-read the promises of God, like the one above, when I didn't believe them. Overtime, I grew to believe as the Lord gave me a YES as I sought to connect with Him. This is one of the things that Lord wants you to do as well.
Secondly, I strengthened myself in the company of believers whose faith was strong (often stronger than my own), and who refused to stroke me in the midst of my pity-parties --- and I had a ton of them.
Then, I learned to break any areas of pride off my life by seeking the prayer of hte saints as the need arose. As ashamed as I often felt doing it, God reminded me that my shame would be more pronounced if the sin in my life was not confronted and addressed. Through these relationships, Holy Spirit strengthened me to walk through and overcome.

Listen, if you are blessed to have a community around you who loves you earnestly, embrace it beyond embarrassment and shame. Embrace it beyond pride, and cling to the promises God has made you! Determine in your heart that YOU CAN do this through the power and counsel of HOLY SPIRIT! If you do not have access to this in your life right now, know that God is using this time to draw you deeper into Him. Don't let that lack of community cause you discouragement. Rest assured HE IS SENDING HIS LOVE TO RESCUE YOU!

What you don't want to do is die in despair and hopelessness; or succumb to the sin nature. He promises us that if we resist the enemy he will flee.
Take a few minutes to listen to the song, Time To Believe by Forever Jones. If you have $6, I want to encourage you to download this awesome resource 99 Promises of God by Joyce Meyer. BOTH WILL BLESS YOU!

Finally, pour yourself into encouraging scriptures and let the Lord heal your heart. Cry, weep, write.... and do whatever is necessary to get you into that place of touching the Father. No matter where you are and what has happened, God is able to turn YOUR situation around.
  • You can live your life at a HIGHER STANDARD. Just make it your eternal desire.
  • You can live a life of IMMERSION.

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