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In the course of our lives, it’s easy to focus on the big things that seem to set us back or get us off-course. This year, however, I am challenged in my own life to recognize some of the little things that go unnoticed – especially in the midst of busy, complicated lives filled with family, ministry and entrepreneurial activities.

I heard this, “Make it a point Theresa to be at rest in everything you do.” Listen, I’m not going to bog you down with Scripture. I’ll simply say that rest is a state of being – even in the midst of a busy, complicated life. I’ve allowed people, false obligations and commitments and all forms of self to steal my peace over the years. Listen, we control our atmosphere. Period. And you – right here and now – can choose to leave three critical things behind and place yourself on a path of intimately knowing and experiencing rest.

It’s good to be able to let go without self-inflicted condemnation and guilt!

Those three things include.

I define rushing as being in a state of urgency to complete things at the last minute. You know what I mean: getting out of bed 10 minutes before you have to arrive at an appointment; throw something together because you didn’t take the necessary time to plan; or working with someone who never, ever meets necessary deadlines to accomplish critical tasks – because you love them or feel obligated. It’s time to let that mess go. Listen, we all know that there are times when rushing can’t be helped. The thing is, if you can help it… stop it. This might also mean distancing yourself from people who have a rushing, last-minute, “throw-it-together-anyway-you-can-and-I-am-proud-of-that” mindset. There are people who “falsely” believe that this is an anointing and are arrogant about it! How twisted is that! Hate to tell you this, but Christ doesn’t rush. Rather, there is an appointed time and due season for everything in heaven and under the sun. Also, urgency and rushing are two different things! God operates in urgency.


2. FRUSTRATION. Frustration is overwhelming disappointment that comes when we are not able to obtain, achieve or accomplish something, especially over an extended period of time. Frustration operates from a desperate, restless mind-set, riding off of emotion. I’ve learned that there are only three solid responses to frustration, depending on the circumstance: (1) Learn the lesson of patience and contentment at the hand of Holy Spirit and push through it; (2) Separate yourself from chaotic, frustrating situations whenever possible; and (3) Implement a completely different, Holy Spirit directed strategy to achieve that goal. Sometimes, you might have to cancel your plans and re-strategize! Yes, it might not look good, but can you imagine what it will look like if it is not God’s timing or completed in excellence? Remember, we can choose peace or choose frustration. We can choose to walk away from old patterns or embrace new ones. When we supernaturally pursue peace, our atmosphere, perspectives and productivity changes.

3. POOR PLANNING. Poor planning isn’t only about getting everything in place line-over-line. It is about combining that with giving yourself enough time to work the plan in a place of peace - without rushing and immense frustration. It is about preparing yourself for contingencies. As we know, the best laid plans experience glitches. The only marathon race we are in is the one that pushes us into the presence, purpose and will of God! Plan that giant conference a year or more out so that the pressure of those deadlines do not swallow you up! Plan that workshop at least 90 days in advance. I know I mentioned events here, but guess what – you can choose to awaken two hours in advance to make that appointment so you don’t have to rush and struggle finding a parking space when you get there.

Yes, these three points may seem simple enough but let me tell you, I have found them quite difficult.... especially when they involve other people, work relationships, friendships. Let's face it, some environments, like places of employment, breed these three environments.  What does this mean? It means that you have some tough decisions to make. It means that you have to start thinking about how to create an atmosphere for yourself that is productive and learn to leave toxicity behind. Holy Spirit is well able to teach YOU how to navigate in this hour.

Let it go!

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