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Reviewed by Theresa Harvard Johnson
Author Tokunbo Emmanuel

The rich tradition of family and beautiful African storytelling is displayed vividly in Tokunbo Emmanuel’s latest release, The Greatest Well Digger in the World: He Knows the Path to Highest Joy. For a little over an hour, I lost time and willingly immersed myself in the life of the main character, a young girl named Marnina. Through the prophetic eyes of the author, I journeyed through her childhood before she became the woman whom Christ met at “The Well” and set free from a life of sin.

What makes this parable unique is that the author steps into his Holy imagination as if carried by the Spirit to give readers the back story – painting a very realistic picture that shows how a young girl full of life and enormous dreams could find herself living a life riddled in shame.

Marnina's script enters and exits scenes of the country side and lifestyle of the villagers of Sychar and flows with life as we meet her close knit family; learn about how women suppressed their dreams because of obedience to tradition; and how her natural father, who received a word from God concerning her destiny, fueled her hopes and dreams – even through the tremendous tragedy and pain she encountered throughout life.


Perhaps the most striking aspect of this story is that it does not preach or overtly bombard the reader with a redemption story. Rather, it wraps the reader in an understanding of the love of Christ in redemption so profoundly that by the end of the story every believer will be weeping and those who do not know Christ – will be standing at the door of decision.

Emmanuel extends the salvation invitation within every page of this book, The Greatest Well Digger in the World. He proves that hopeless situations and circumstances can lead to deep wells of restoration and refreshing. The storytelling brings the reality of our humanity to the forefront in a way that will not only cause the testimony of the Samaritan woman in John 4:19-30 to come alive in you, but it will unveil the compassion rooted in John 3:16 that led our Savior to the cross. I firmly believe that as we walk with Holy Spirit through Marnina's story, we will be reminded of the magnificent gift of forgiveness we have received through Jesus Christ. We will weep at his compassion for us, and unending love. Emmanuel's writing led me into this place of gratefulness and thanksgiving; and reminded me of the hope that God has for those we love who are still lost. If I could say one thing to the author today, I would say this: “Thank you for fanning the flames and causing us to remember.”

The Greatest Well Digger in the World is a quick read. It makes a phenomenal addition to any reading library; but it is also an excellent tool for bible study for people of all ages – men and women. There are many themes from the scriptures to choose from including – love, traditions, anger, offense, forgiveness, misogyny, misandry, shame, family traditions, prophecy, healing and so much more. It would also be an excellent introduction to the healing power of Christ for someone who has yet to meet "the greatest well digger in the world!"

Learn more about Tokunbo Emmanuel, and order the book here. (£5.00 Hard Copy & £1.99).






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