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Roger V. Mitchell, Author


It means to affirm that something is true or to offer agreement as an act of encouragement or support. It is also a solemn declaration sometimes written as an oath or a promise. Roger V. Mitchell reflects varying elements of these definitions in his debut collection of prophetic poetry entitled, The King’s Gift.

This book bears the same title, as the opening poem. In it, Mitchell sets the stage by reminding readers that the greatest gift released in the earth is that of Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah. It is on this foundation that those who may not know God or who may not have a surety concerning their faith are called to life by God's promises; and learn just how precious they are to him. Readers will also find continuous affirmed in their purpose and comfort in their growth, development and maturation. These poems also embody a continuous call to love God, trust God and believe that he has a plan for everyone's life.


Perhaps the highlight of The King’s Gift is the constant outpouring of God’s love through the poetry – especially in the places where readers are persuaded to follow God’s path instead of their own and righteousness is presented before them. In addition, each poem reveals the intimacy surrounding the authors own journey, his deep love for God and the willingness to share that with others.

Every poem is accompanied by scriptures for further reflection and prayer; and concludes with a call for salvation. Readers will be immersed in the Lord’s overwhelming love for them, while being reminding of his purposes and prayer for God’s presence. The front cover of the book, The King’s Gift, describes Mitchell as the Lord’s poet. This description is appropriate considering that the heart of Mitchell's poetry reminiscent of the longing of David to touch the very heart of God.


About the Author

Roger V. Mitchell was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Born with a silver spoon, cast into the streets at the young age of 15, he learned to survive. After years of drug addiction to the point of death, the Father filled him with the Holy Spirit and he became a new man in 1984.



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