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The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light." - Matthew 6:22

I have read many books on understanding dreams and visions from a biblical perspective. Most were filled with extensive instruction, tremendous revelation, prophetic messages to the congregation, and/or practical examples that exercise discernment. I have never, however, read a book that actually demonstrates how God uses dreams and visions in the lives of his people without the aforementioned areas typical in the apostolic-prophetic community.

Author Noreen R. Battle has managed to do just that in the recently released title, Night Visions. In it, she chronicles her life long journey of dreaming with God by sharing "specific dreams" that helped shape her destiny; and then by referencing key scriptural passages that reveal exactly what these supernatural experiences revealed to her in the course of her life. This approach, at least to me, is extremely unique.

First, each dream or vision is presented as if it is a short story or an actual event being retold with Battle as the main character. Every story is vivid, dramatic and personable. Readers are able to step into the dream with her - observing the goings-on and meeting the  varying people, some from from her past, that shape the dreams. Then, the dramatic story-telling (which is the actual way her dreams are received) ends with a scripture that reveals the interpretation. Listen, I know this sounds strange for a book -- but it is very prophetic for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. What is even more unusual about her approach is that none of the language of the "prophetic" community or the church cliches are present anywhere in the book.

Readers, especially those who also walk in the realm of dreams and visions, are able to experience the vast uniqueness of a fellow dreamers dream-life. I walked away from reading this book truly realizing that the "realm of dreams" is as diverse as we are as individuals. There is no single template that can define how we should dream or a how a dream should look. This book proves that.

While Battle provides some insight into the nature of the book through its front-matter, the reader is ultimately left to decide how to interpret the varying chapters. Unlike other books that include dreams, Battle does not provide in-depth or elaborate explanations concerning the interpretation of them. For me, this was a relief and a breath of fresh air. Instead, the dreams and visions stand on their own, offering an opportunity for readers to consider them in light of the scriptural support provided. As a teacher of the prophetic and a mentor to prophets, this approach provided a very unique opportunity for me to challenge other prophetic types to consider how the author matched the scripture within the interpretation of the dream or vision it accompanied.

I know this is an unusual book to review. But the truth is: This is an unusual book and it is not intended to be read like a novel. If this is the approach a reader intends to take, then the essence of what the author hopes to convey will be lost. Rather, the approach to reading should be centered around a devotional perspective - one in which the reader expects to learn some timeless, invaluable truths about God, his people and our journey as believers. It is about learning to listen to God in your own life, through your own dreams. This book proves that you can, and that time should be taken to do so. Biblical wisdom is definitely hidden between each page. The titles of each dream act as a clue concerning a central focal point for the author. In the end, however, readers learn an invaluable lesson: Every dream given to us by God is significant and contributes to our spiritual growth and maturity in Him. Don't dismiss your dreams as trivial. They could hold critical understanding concerning your spiritual development, growth and prosperity.

I've never read a book like this before. I was extremely impressed with knowing that Battle took the time to record, order, date and catalog her dreams over the years  Yes, years. These dreams cross a significant time span within her life. This kind of diligence in the midst of scribal ministry is extremely rare. It is also an excellent example of faithfulness, and walking out what it means to treasure "every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God."

About the Author: Noreen R. Battle is a native of Fruitland, Maryland. She received Christ as Lord and Savior and was first baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1976 at Refuge Church of Christ in Olney, Maryland. She is an apostle at Tabernacles of Worship Christian Center, where her husband, Apostle Robert L. Battle Sr., is the overseer.

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