Theresa Harvard Johnson

By Tarsha L. Campbell
Reviewed by Theresa Harvard Johnson

It has been raining relentlessly in Georgia for the past two weeks. I must admit that the scribe in me loves this… as it seems to trigger a flood of desire to sit in my prayer room watching the rain and moving grey skies from my bay window as Holy Spirit urges me to relax, meditate, pray and write.

As I did, my heart fell on several Godly sisters in my life.

Compassion for sisterhood hit me deeply. So, I began thanking God for them with each stroke of my pen, writing words of encouragement and hope for them in my journal, thanking him for divine connections, and the blessing of their friendship.

Seriously. Really. That’s how this scribe prays on rainy days.

One of my sisters in particular truly inspires women, myself included, to be their very best. Her name is Tarsha L. Campbell, a minister and certified life and empowerment coach. Recently, she released the second book in “The Woman in the Mirror Empowerment Series” entitled, “Ungodly Soul Ties: Break Free to Break Through.”

One night, after crawling into bed, I decided to read it. I was so moved and overwhelmed by the power of Holy Spirit between the pages that I began to text her in the wee hours of the night about how God – at that very moment was healing my heart.

Listen, if you are a woman who has emotional and spiritual baggage still clinging to your soul I believe this book, “Ungodly Soul Ties: Break Free to Break Through,” might be the catalyst to bring you to truth. In this moment in time, Tarsha’s message was the one Holy Spirit knew that I needed to help me take some next steps in my life.

I really thought I understood soul ties – but the unique language God gave my sister and the simplistic illustrations completely redefined this understanding for me, enabling me to see myself. I remember thinking, “Girl! How could you explain such a powerful concept in such short, brief language?” I’ve read many books on healing soul hurts and overcoming shame that took me weeks to complete, and here is my sister presenting similar concepts (and taking it deeper) in a format that took me less than two hours to dive through.

Honey… let me tell you that once I started reading I could not peel my eyes (or my heart) from the pages until I was completely done. I cried so much that night that I literally woke up feeling lighter, less tense… more at ease. That’s what happens when a message like this is assigned to your soul. I said to myself: Theresa! You didn’t even know you needed this!

Tarsha is a profound teacher. She reveals some of the most intimate details of her life (and its impact on her marriage) in this book, “Ungodly Soul Ties: Break Free to Break Through.” The message is honest, confronting, revealing… and classy all at the same time. It transcends age (a mature teenager could read this) and has such depth that it would easily be found in the purse of your pastor’s wife. She has spoken things from her personal testimony that many women long to acknowledge, to speak.

I strongly recommend this convenient, pocket-sized book for women of all ages, especially those dealing with secrets and shame. It is an extremely simple message presented with great authority that breaks down the subject matter with the skill of an expert teacher. You will not only walk away empowered to move forward, but with tools that can actually be employed in your everyday life - now. I want to challenge those who obtain this book to read it... and then gift it into the life of someone else -- perhaps buying several copies to give away.

Tarsha writes: “You can’t lose if you allow Holy Spirit to wage war against the evil forces behind the ungodly soul ties in your life” (p. 119).




The Woman in the Mirror Series
Ungodly Soul Ties: Break Free to Break Through

By Tarsha L. Campbell

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: DOMINIONHOUSE Publishing & Design (July 30, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0990503127
ISBN-13: 978-0990503125
Product Dimensions: 4.4 x 0.3 x 7 inches
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