HIS Master Scribe

Theresa Harvard JohnsonAt heart, Theresa Harvard Johnson is a poet and artist who loves Christ. For nearly 20 years, she has helped Christian writers transition from general knowledge about what it means to be a "Christian writer" to embracing their identity as prophetic scribes and scribal ministers. She has taught in the area of prophetic writing, scribal ministry and the prophetic nationally and internationally. She is also a revelational teacher of the word and has a passion for teaching the people of God about how to live an IMMERSED, authentic and accountable life. She is best known for her revelational understanding surrounding the ministry of the scribe; and her pioneering efforts in awakening the congregation to the significance of "The Scribal Anointing."

Theresa has penned more than 14 books on subjects surrounding the ministry of prophetic writing, prophetic scribes and scribal ministry - including her bestselling foundation series The Scribal Anointing: Scribes Instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven, the Scribal Realm of Dreams & Visions, and Signs of a Scribal Prophet. She has also written and recorded more than 500 blogs on various topics including prophecy, ministry integrity, spiritual growth and development; and understanding the prophetic. 

Professionally, Theresa is a former, award-winning print news reporter and experienced communication's executive. Her career positioned her to administrate in her scribal gifts for the Georgia government, university system, non-profit organizations as well as ministries and congregations. She also earned several prestigious writing awards from the Georgia Press Association, the Society of Professional Journalists, The Associated Press, and others. Theresa earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Fort Valley State University and will complete her Master's of Divinity in Biblical Studies in 2017 from Liberty University. Theresa is a wife, mother, grandmother of two, ordained minister, and now she oversees a worship center in the Atlanta area.

One day in prayer, she heard God call her "HIS Master Scribe," meaning a prophetic scribe who follows the commands of her Father in the midst of "The Scribal Anointing" upon her life. Theresa's favorite scripture is Philippians 1:6 which declares that every good work God began in her, He would complete. (Photos taken in 2016)

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