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Isaiah 41:10 CJB, “Don't be afraid, for I am with you; don't be distressed, for I am your God. I give you strength, I give you help, I support you with my victorious right hand.”

If there is one thing the remnant of the Lord has need of on a consistent basis, it is encouragement. God-inspired encouragement gives life and offers fuel for the continuation of the journey. It blows into dry bones and clears away the fallen trees, mud-slides and rocks that block the road. It pours fresh, healing oil on open wounds and it sutures them. It renews our joy in the Lord as we are strengthened in its presence.


Bernard Boulton’s recent release, “Divine Favor: God Acts for you when your enemy acts against you,” offers that type of encouragement – especially for those who find themselves falsely accused or Christly-accused as Father has revealed to me; and fighting for their very lives in the midst of traps set by the enemy of our God.

Boulton begins Divine Favor by sharing a chapter from his life as a young pastor in which his intentions to help others are sabotaged by accusation and gossip causing him to stand accused of being everything, as the old folk would say, except a man of God. The slanderous assaults came from the very leaders and congregation he pastored.

They impacted him so much that they left him broken, deeply wounded, hopeless and discouraged not only in his calling to shepherd; but in his view of himself as a man, and as a person.

I was able to fully identify with Boulton’s journey, as I am sure many of you who read this book will as well. As I read, Father began to uncover hidden unforgiveness in my own heart. In one case, I had to go back over five years and release some things that I didn’t realize I was still holding. It was a hurt buried in me beyond measure, and I thought Holy Spirit had dug it up and demolished it. As Father’s chosen reconcilers, we must face this simple truth: The enemy of our souls will go to great lengths to sabotage our destiny in the Lord. One of the most effective strategies he implements is discouragement - the deliberate murder of one's spirit. He goes after the spiritual jugular – our very identity in Christ!

While Boulton tastefully shares snapshots of his healing journey, each developing chapter focuses on showing the reader that even in the most difficult of situations the Lord is consistently, steadily and forcefully working on our behalf to “awaken us to DIVINE FAVOR.” In other words, the trial you may be experiencing right now is not an accurate picture of your reality. Through stories of biblical sons and daughters, he reminds us that no matter how MEN treat us that God’s love never fails.

There is an earnest cry of intercession behind every chapter and journaling exercise in this book that will challenge those reading (1) to see themselves as Father sees them; (2) to believe that the Lord will never abandon them even when man does; and (3) to trust that all things work together for their good – regardless of what the natural realm may present.

It is my personal belief that the ministry of encouragement and exhortation is the lifeline for the remnant in this present time. Were it not so, Father wouldn’t have sent Aaron and Hur to lift the arms of Moses; there would be no need to greet one another with a kiss or in song; and there would be no place for testimonies or the proverbial instructions of a mother to a son.

I would highly recommend Boulton’s book, “Divine Favor: God Acts for you when your enemy acts against you,” as wisdom for strengthening and encouragement. It also stands as confirmation that many souls will pass this way in our pursuit of Father’s presence.

About The Author:

Pastor Bernard Boulton is a Present Day Scribe called by God to release the written and spoken Word of the Lord. Bernard has penned two parables (known in the world as a novel and short story), Do You Wanna Be Made Whole and Jake and Eric. Bernard has also written and released in 2012 a story of faith and inspiration, Divine Favor: God acts for you when your enemies act against you. And he communicates through his blog called Bernard’s Word.

Divine Favor
ISBN 978-0-9859283-0-8
E-Book: $.99
Paperback: $12



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