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Prayer: The Timeless Secret of High Impact LeadersBook Reviewed by Theresa Harvard Johnson
Book Written by Dave Earley

Never has a book impacted my life the way PRAYER: The Timeless Secret of High-Impact Leaders by Dave Earley has in the area of prayer. I’ve read many books on this subject over the years that were all filled with biblical truths and powerful revelation, but this one was strikingly different. As I journeyed through the pages, I felt as if I was sitting at the feet of a spiritual mentor who walks in a similar wisdom of the high-impact leaders whom he highlights – all giants in my estimation for their uncompromising and passionate stand concerning those things that are on the very heart of God. I actually thought to myself: Simplistic, Holy Spirit led teaching does get better than this.


What’s even more amazing to me as I type this is that Earley is presently one of my graduate school seminary professors. The classroom instruction and interactions have been as powerful as the book as the man who speaks between the pages is a godly reflection of the man conducting the spirit-filled course. Many of you know this isn’t always the case.

I find myself equally humbled by the interactions and feedback on my assignments. I don’t say this to idolize or worship a man; rather it is a refreshing declaration that the man who was inspired to write the book is the same man, which a shepherding heart, who is exhibited in the classroom.


In PRAYER: The Timeless Secret of High-Impact Leaders, Earley introduces readers to some of the most beloved and renowned Christian leaders in the history of the Gospel whose lives and ministries are today synonymous with turning the world right-side before our Holy God. I was challenged to seeing prayer not only from the perspective of tapping into God’s design plan for my life; but grasping hold of the eternal impact one person’s prayer life can have in the lives of those they encounter – beginning with one’s self, family and those they are sent to lead.


The leaders Earley chose to highlight stand as legends in the Christian faith, so-to-speak. He notes that while they led very contrasting or distinctively different lives outside of their passion for God and had very little in common when comparing their lives against each other at face value; he discovered that they shared one profound commonality: They led extraordinary prayer lives (xi). In other words, they prayed and fasted more than they preached, taught, traveled or did anything else in their lives. As a result, he concludes that their impact has crossed generations, changed history and transformed our lives because they understood the importance of making God a priority in every possible area of their lives.


It is from this perspective that Earley pours decades of wisdom as a man of God, pastor, educator and leader into the pages of this book. He shares uncommon, yet practical prayer strategies and tools used by these patriarchs from Abraham to Billy Graham and even his own life to help leaders shift from a mediocre experience in Christ to one rooted in intimacy, discipline and accountability in which men are fully yielded to God’s heart for prayer. If ever there was a secret to fulfilling destiny and purpose in Christ-centered leadership, a rendered prayer life - as revealed by Earley - is that secret. In short, Earley teaches that true ministry is best understood when we learn to submit and be ministered to by God.  The most significant aspect of this book, however, is that he presents detailed, practical, achievable and sustainable steps that any leader can follow to get on track and remain on track with God’s plan for their prayer lives - the kind of prayer lives that give rise to giants - high impact leaders whose legacy deeply touches the hearts of men and change their lives. Also, there is a great deal of corrective or redefining teachings – especially as it relates to the purpose of fasting and turning life’s hardships into prayer.


In addition, Prayer: The Timeless Secret of High Impact Leaders, isn’t preachy, teachy or overlaid with the desire to pour out revelation upon revelation. Rather it seeks to nurture and instruct through the love of Christ, rending a cry to for every soul to hunger and thirst after that deeply intimate relationship with God.


About Dave Earley

Dave Earley is astounded by the glory and grace of God. He loves the privilege of prayer. He is a quietly effective author, professor, mentor and pastor. As an author, Dave has written several popular books that have sold over 100,000 copies, as well as several text books that are used in theological seminaries.


In his early twenties, he was the campus pastor of a large Christian university. At the age of 26, Dave started a church in his basement with 12 people and grew to nearly 2,000 in weekly attendance with over 100 cell groups and 70% of the members involved in weekly ministry (


Dr. Dave Earley is currently is Chairman of the Department of Pastoral Ministries and Church Expansion at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He also serves as Director of the Center for Ministry Training at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Director of the Center for Church Planting of Liberty University. Dave helps train, mentor, and send an average of 35 church planters a year. Over 400 seminary students are currently studying church planting in classes he created. He is also the Director of Church Planting for Thomas Road Baptist Church.


About the Book

PRAYER: The Timeless Secret of High Impact Leaders
By Dave Earley

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 193
Vendor: Living Ink
Publication Date: 2008

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