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Book Reviewed by Theresa Harvard Johnson
Author Nabiyah Baht Yehuda Mattocks


Over the past decade, prophetic dance has reached amazing heights in the midst of worship and the arts in some congregations. Yet, statistics from Faith Communities Today and other church data finding agencies report that interactive or contemporary worship – especially through drama and dance – make up less than one percent of main stream worship services across the nation. This isn’t that hard to believe when you consider that the largest religious groups in the United States remain among the oldest, and longest standing Christian organizations in the country – many of whom still retain some very conservative positions on expressive liturgy.

Yet the boldness of those who desire to experience God in movement have caused them to rise – outside of local church confines, to revolutionize the corporate understanding of worship. The truth of the matter is this: Expressive worship among mainstream congregations may be limited, but the landscape is changing as worshipping revolutionists rise to the move of the Spirit of the Living God, breaking barriers and tearing down walls.

In the book, An Audience of One: The Purpose and Necessity of Prophetic Movement, author Nabiyah Baht Yehuda Mattocks shares how God-directed movement opens portals in Heaven to effectively hear God; and discern his will and purpose. She tenderly and provocatively explains that Spirit-directed, “assigned dance” is not a visual, entertaining act – but an umbilical cord from the womb of Heaven set apart to give and release the Glory of God.

In a very unique way, Mattocks challenges the reader to take their focus off of any preconceived understanding they have had of dance – and focus solely on viewing the person engaged in movement as an instrument of expression in the hands of a Holy God. In changing our view, she explains that the focus now shifts to the vessel that God desires to use to its fullest; to the vessel who desires to be used by God; and then to the responsibility at the core of that desire to be Holy, sanctified and purified by the power of God. The goal, she infers, is to not simply be impressive and skillful – but to be of excellent Spirit.

Intertwined in the pages of An Audience of One are the glimpses of the author’s own testimony and maturation process. In which she leaves this word of emphatic advice from the life of biblical matriarch Mary: “…whatever He tells you to do, do it.”  Mattocks also explains that the ministry of movement is not separate from the preaching or teaching of the Gospel; nor is it apart from the Luke 4 or Isaiah 61 cry to “be anointed to set at liberty those who are oppressed.” In other words, the effective work of the ministry is encapsulated in everything God commands or sends us to do.

At the book’s conclusion, there are series of exercises that can be employed to help the reader deepen their relationship with the Father. Whether you dance or simply need a deeper understanding of prophetic movement in our daily comings and goings, I would highly recommend this book. It addresses an area of ministry for the worshipper that is step beyond simple character development; technique or being filled with the call. It pulls you into relationship and guides you in learning how to effectively and fervently community with the Father.

About the Author

For His Glory Prophetic Dance Ministry and Thoughts From The Throne began in 2002 in New York City. (Prophetess) Nabiyah Baht Yehuda Mattocks began ministering in Prophetic dance at home as a way of worship, but eventually the Lord allowed her to praise Him in the midst of the congregation. She has traveled in and around the U.S. ministering prophetically with a powerful healing anointing. She also has been a writer and poet from a very young age.

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An Audience of One: The Purpose & Necessity of Prophetic Movement

By Nabiyah Baht Yehuda Mattocks

·  Paperback: 99 pages

·  Publisher: Whole Without a Crack Publishing (2012)

·  Language: English

·  ISBN-10: 0983409595

·  ISBN-13: 978-0983409595

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