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Book Review Written By Theresa Harvard Johnson
Author Karen M. Pina

“Adversity is not simply a tool. It is God's most effective tool for the advancement of our spiritual lives. The circumstances and events that we see as setbacks are oftentimes the very things that launch us into periods of intense spiritual growth. Once we begin to understand this, and accept it as a spiritual fact of life, adversity becomes easier to bear.” – Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries

This quote by world renowned pastor Charles Stanley is a perfect lead-in to my review of the leadership guide, The Making by Karen M. Pina. While there are thousands upon thousands of books, workbooks and guides on leadership among the people of God today, there are very few that address leadership and the making of leader in great detail and solely from a heavenly perspective.

In an article written by Steve Logan, a columnist for CBS MoneyWatch, leadership book publishing is big business.[1] The trouble is, he states, that leadership has developed what he coined “Leadership Tourette’s Syndrome” full of self-help, religiosity and management techniques.[2] I must say that I agree with him, especially after reading books by widely popular Christian leadership coaches and advisers who teach corporate America instead of Kingdom.

The Making, however, defines leadership from a biblical perspective – one that has absolutely nothing to do with titles, positions, corporations or even accomplishments. Rather, leadership is defined in part, by a person’s ability to help others execute vision with Godly integrity and counsel. Pina covers timeless leadership mistakes, attitudes and misconceptions. She addresses subjects such as identifying sent leaders from unsent leaders; the importance of the leader’s heart in comparison to skills; the importance of enduring and finishing trials well; and the development of godly character and integrity.

While The Making overflows with rich wisdom, it is not preachy. Rather, Pina writes to engage the reader in a very practical and personally applicable way. So much so that those who read this book will be able to find themselves in their “leadership process” and gain spiritual insight on what and why they are in that specific place; and how to walk through. Instead of reading a book about from the perspective of what "other leaders" are doing or have done, it poses the question: "What am I doing or have done?"  Pina doesn’t just dish out advice, but shares from the oil the Lord pressed from her making process.

Another major highlight is the time spent examining how leadership looks in every facet of one’s life – not just the corporate arena. She examines how leadership is first expressed in one’s own personal life and home “in God’s design” long before it can properly expressed in one’s career or even ministry. She concludes The Making with an in-depth understanding concerning how leaders are expected to walk out and release God’s Glory – pushing past all the counterfeits and hindrances that sometimes prevent is splendor from shining through our lives.

I found The Making to be a far better leadership guide than many bestsellers currently on the market. Pina challenges readers to see their rise to leadership from the place of servanthood, humility and spiritual maturation – a type of leadership in which their ultimate goal is to exude and reflect the Glory of God.


About Karen M. Pina

International coach trainer, author, and minister Karen M. Pina has been creatively writing for over 15 years. She is author of the well-received Leadership FITness - Experiencing Fullness in The Temple, Is it the job, the boss, you . . . or are you an entrepreneur? and The Making, creator of the One Stop Marketing Program, and founder of Gifts Ordained by Direction and GOD’s Coach U, a training and coaching practice. She is the virtuous wife of Stanley Pina, a leadership coach and pastor.  They live in Connecticut where they raise two beautiful daughters.


About the Book:

The Making by Karen M. Pina
Book Price: $19.99
200 Pages
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[1] Logan, Steve. The Lie of Most Leadership Books, CBS MoneyWatch. November 30, 2011.



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