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Author Penny MacPherson
Book Reviewed by Theresa Harvard Johnson

The first time I heard Penny MacPherson sing, my soul surrendered under the power of God as every Hebraic expression made its way from her spirit into my ear. That was nearly six years ago. Now, I have experienced a similar overflow as I finished reading her debut poetry collection, “All In Your Names: Acrostic Meditations for the Seeking Soul.”

McPherson, a Messianic worshipper and Hebraic roots enthusiast, spent years meditating on the power of God’s names. Her intimate acquaintance with him fueled an overflow of acrostics that not only unveil the character of God but also his majesty, dominion and relentless love for each one of us. 

The title of each poem in “All In Your Names: Acrostic Meditations for the Seeking Soul” is one of the names of God. Beside each name, MacPherson tells the reader its meaning. For example, the expression MAK’ON is one of over 150 names shared within her book. It means refuge, dwelling place. Using the name MAK’ON, she prophetically constructed an acrostic poem.

One of the most striking aspects of this collection is that each poem flows effortlessly, reflecting the definition of the name while exalting God and exhorting His people in reverence, fear and obedience. Each poetic line is sound in its reflection and interpretation of scripture. In addition, the organization of the poetic pieces is just as dynamic as the acrostics within themselves as the reader is continuously challenged to know God from numerous aspects of his character and nature. McPherson also highlights the scriptures where readers can find and study the names of God contextually.

McPherson’s approach to this volume of acrostic poetry does more than fuel the soul. It provides an excellent interface into prayer, bible study and worship. McPherson has taken acrostic poetry to a new level between the pages of her book, “All In Your Names: Acrostic Meditations for the Seeking Soul,” closely following similar patterns in Psalms, Proverbs and Lamentations. Readers, if you’re looking a strong foundation for meditation, prayer and worship - while enjoying poetry, I strongly recommend this compilation. God’s hand is in, through and upon it.

Thank you, Penny McPherson, for continuing to sing to me and countless others.


All In Your Names: Acrostic Meditations for the Seeking Soul
By Penny MacPherson
Paperback: 232 pages
ISBN-10: 0989804305
ISBN-13: 978-0989804301


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