Theresa Harvard Johnson


By Theresa Harvard Johnson

Formed in secret,
no one saw the dust rise from the earth into His hands,
or the burning of the kiln that shaped your land.

Not a single soul witnessed
the entering of His breath into your frame,
or heard His thoughts toward you whisper, "I am sending you in
my name."

No one saw Him numbering the hairs on your head,
or depositing immeasurable gifts inside you -- unspoken, unsaid.

No one was there when His kiss directed your gaze high,
or when He took his hands wiping the unrelenting tears from your

No one heard Him declare that YOUR soul would be released
from a secret chamber in the womb of Heaven, where only He holds
the keys.

He determined that YOU
were destined to walk under the intensity of His Glory.
Destined to deliver and declare the POWER of His Son's
resurrection story.

Destined to live a life so OVERWHELMED by His love,
Destined to walk hand in hand as His Son's betrothed, His

Destined to live this life beyond human imagination or wildest
Destined to walk in the light that only His thoughts toward us

You were formed in secret,
under the intensity of only the Potters eyes.
Destined to complete your work on earth, and
Destined to obtain His prize.

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